Continental and TyrePro Expand Digital Fleet Solutions for Transport Companies in Egypt

  • TyrePro, Continental’s sole tyre distributor in Egypt is now working with six major companies to equip their fleets with ContiPressureCheckTM
  • ContiPressureCheckTM is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that continuously monitors bus and truck tyre pressure and temperature via sensors placed inside the tyre
  • An increasing number of vehicles have been equipped with ContiPressureCheckTM since its launch in Egypt

Egypt, June 22, 2020 - Continental, the leading automotive, tyre and technology company, has expanded adoption of its ContiPressureCheckTM (CPC) service in Egypt thanks to TyrePro Egypt, the sole distributor of Continental tyres in the country. TyrePro Egypt has provided transport companies with this tool that helps monitor tyre pressure and temperature, ensuring safer driving conditions on Egypt’s roads. CPC also has a positive, direct impact on operational costs by increasing the life expectancy of these tyres and reducing fuel consumption.

Continental Middle East aims to reduce overall fleet costs and improve road safety in Egypt through its CPC system by providing its partners with an innovative solution to ensure proper usage and tyre maintenance. Al Qaed Co, the leading fodder production and transportation company in Egypt, is the latest company to have installed CPC sets on its fleet, with a total of 13 sets equipping their trailer-drawn trucks. The company installed the first ever CPC set equipped with a GPS system earlier in May.

Al Qaed Co. is not the only company in Egypt using CPC, with five other major firms using the system to full effect, including:

  1. PepsiCo – The leading FMCG company in Egypt.
  2. Travco – Egypt’s leading tourism company.
  3. Ostool Transport – A logistics and transportation company in Egypt with over 300 trucks.
  4. Cemex - One of Egypt’s largest construction companies
  5. First Class Catering - An emerging company in the field of Food Services & Manpower Supply in Egypt

“Safety and innovation are at the heart of what Continental stands for. We are proud to expand our footprint in Egypt in collaboration with our local partner TyrePro Egypt, and to provide them with a technology that is easy and economical to use. With the ContiPressureCheckTM system, vehicles are monitored in real-time, alerting drivers to tyre pressure and temperature issues through an in-cab display. This ensures they are safe throughout their daily operation”, said Juan Urburu Alonso, Head of Sales Middle East, Commercial Vehicle Tyres (CVT).

The CPC system was designed to take the daily hassle of monitoring truck and bus tyre pressure and temperature away from drivers, so that they can focus on safe driving. It consists of four main components:

  1. Tyre Sensors – Mounted on the tyre inner liner inside a rubber housing (tyre sensor container), the sensors continuously measure tyre temperature and pressure.
  2. Central Control Unit (CCU) – Receiving tyre sensor signals directly or via the additional receiver, this evaluates the data and sends the status of all of the vehicle’s tyres to the driver’s display screen.
  3. Driver Display – Positioned inside the vehicle, this shows tyre pressure, temperature and provides the driver with warning alerts.
  4. Telematics Integration (optional) – Gives drivers the option to be linked with local telematics systems for live monitoring. This means that fleet operators know where their vehicles are geographically located, and are able to monitor the pressure and temperature of each tyre all in real time.

Hisham Layali, President of TyrePro Egypt, said: “TyrePro is delighted to work hand in hand with Continental on the new CPC system. Since our inception in 2010, TyrePro has placed road safety at the very core of the organisation to ensure drivers stay safe on Egypt’s roads. The recent adoption of the CPC system is testament to the great work both TyrePro and Continental have put in to ensure major companies in the country are aware of its benefits.”



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