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With safer bus travels, timely fleet movement, and reliable construction work


Stay updated over tire health of your fleet while achieving cost efficiency

Our fleet management solutions are made keeping in mind the hurdles that your fleet may experience on the road. We manufacture great tires with the capacity to bear the heavy weight of the fleet moved in between long distances. Maximized uptime, driving safety with lesser chances of accidents due to tires, and strong grip in weather related issues. Continental enables fuel efficiency, safety, and weight management efficiency for both long and short distance travel. We have ideal tires for highway use, long-distance and local travel with no breakage in the middle of your fleet movement. Suitable for both on- and off-road use.

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Safety is of paramount importance in the passenger transport industry.

Safety from road crashes and efficiency is all that you need on the road for passenger tires. We provide tires that are safe and efficient for long distance trips or intercity driving of heavy vehicles. We manufacture strong tires with the capacity to bear heavy weight during speedy driving on long distances. We ensure safety with Continental's in depth research and testing on all product lines. Coach tires that are effective for long distance trips and are best for intercity travel, have the best handling and braking system that saves from any road hazards.

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Continental helps you beat all types of construction related challenges

Continental is at the forefront of enabling construction vehicles to benefit from greater tire safety at unpaved roads, rough terrains and unexpected debris hitting the tires. Your money is important and construction tires could cost a lot therefore, we make sure to provide you with such tires that you don’t have to buy again or any sooner. Our smart tire technologies keep you updated in cases of any unusual issue in the tires. We manufacture hard core off road tires with the ability to bear harshest conditions on hardest places with lesser chances of tire replacement.

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United Motors (UAE)

United Motors and it's sister concern Darwish Bin Ahmed and Sons are the importers of MAN Trucks and Buses in the United Arab Emirates. We have forged a strong partnership with Continental Tyres, a collaboration that has tremendously helped in our fleet maintenance. One of the key advantages of teaming up with Continental is the tyre-related safety and enhanced tyre lifespan we have achieved, leading to a significant reduction in overall tyre costs. Our partnership has not only reduced tyre consumption but has also saved us invaluable time, effort, and cost. Continental Tyres have proven themselves to be trusted partners, consistently delivering the best-suited solutions to meet our requirements

Anil Varma 

Service Manager - United Motors

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Ricky Johnson

We absolutely love the Continental products. They get the best wear, the best mileage, the best fuel efficiency…whatever you want, they have a truck tire that can do it,Ricky says, having used all three generations of Continental truck tires at Tidewater. And that, he says with a smile,is not a bad thing, to have the best product out there.

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Mike Corkran

What impresses me the most is the service we get out of them, their durability, and that they’re easy to repair. We patch everything, we don’t plug, so our tires have got to be easy to buff and put a patch on.

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