ContiPressureCheck – Videos and movies

ContiPressureCheck™ – The tire pressure monitoring system

The ContiPressureCheck system continuously measures the pressure and temperature of all tires on your vehicle – even when you are driving. This helps to save fuel and increase mileage. It also significantly reduces the risk of tire failure, whilst maintaining the value of the casing, and thus the retreadability.

ContiPressureCheck™ – Installation Tutorial

ContiPressureCheck™ – Installation Tutorial ContiPressureCheck is quick and easy to install. Mounting inside the tire guarantees high data accuracy. ContiPressureCheck is compatible with all tire brands.

ContiPressureCheck™ Light

For ContiPressureCheck Light the customers only need the ContiPressureCheck Tire Sensors in the tires along with the Hand-held Tool. With the feature "check all tires" the customer can run their inflation pressure check in one-third of the time compared to the manual check.

ContiPressureCheck™ – Function Flow Truck

ContiPressureCheck uses tire sensors fitted inside each tire to provide drivers with real-time information on the tire status. Any irregularity noticed by the driver or fleet manager can be checked and corrected immediately.

ContiPressureCheck™ – Function Flow Bus

The system covers almost all axle combinations, from single axle trailer to six axle vehicle configurations with a maximum of 24 tires. It is suitable for tractors, trailers, tractor/ trailer combinations, as well as buses and coaches.

ContiPressureCheck™ – ATL Movie

Automatic Trailer Learning makes it simple to exchange trailers without the need for additional system configuration.