Testimonials: ContiPressureCheck

Experiences with ContiPressureCheck

Sieckendiek, Germany

"No downtime because of tire problems"

"Since we fitted vehicles with ContiPressureCheck, we haven't seen any downtime at all because of tire problems – we are all completely sold on the system, and can only recommend it. It's absolutely faultless."

Repair shop manager for Sieckendiek, a truck and bus company and authorized MAN repair shop, based in Versmold-Peckeloh, Germany


Devereux, UK

“Shortly after we fitted the system it detected a pressure loss in a tire. We were able to repair the puncture and saved the cost of a new tire, which meant that the system paid for itself in the first instance that it detected a problem.” 

Jimmy Savage, Workshop Manager of Devereux Transport

WJ Roadmarkings, UK

“ContiPressureCheck gives the driver the assurance that his tires are at the correct pressure and alerts him to any potential problem, such as a slow loss of pressure that could lead to a complete tire failure.

Because you get an early warning of a problem this enables prompt action to be taken and this may avoid the cost and inconvenience involved in having a tire breakdown.” 

Scott Logan, Transport and Workshop Manager of WJ Roadmarkings

Transport Gheeraert, Belgium

“Since we started using ContiPressureCheck, we have recorded a considerable drop in diesel costs, punctures, and maintenance costs. This doesn't just mean that we save time and money – we are also able to provide our customers with a much more reliable service. The system is easy to install and operate. Other positive effects are a reduced carbon footprint, and increased safety for drivers, goods, and vehicles as a result of fewer blow-outs.” 

Peter Gheeraert, Owner of Transport Gheeraert