Continental's Intelligent Tire

Continental’s Intelligent Tire - Digital Tire Monitoring

Continental's Intelligent Tire

Experience digital growth with Digital Tire Monitoring

Continental brings in the intelligence in its intelligent tires that come with a pre-mounted tire sensor. This latest technology has the capacity to monitor the tire pressure and temperature of the tire while sending its stats to the receiver system by Continental. 

Jump into the world of intelligent tire management with Continental intelligent tire.

Prevention of tire damage and breakdowns is now possible with precise tire pressure and temperature readings. 

No more disruptions to your tire program with 5 years warranty sensor

Longer life for your tire with original tire casing temperature. 

Prevention of valve impairment and leakage of air with inner liner mounting. 

Types of Commercial Tire Sensors

The inner liner of the tire includes a tire-mounted sensor delivering multiple benefits. 

  • Sensor protection from: damage from road debris and curbing.
  • Theft free
  • No need for metal clamp
  • No damage during tire mounting/dismounting
  • Real measurement of tire pressure without any algorithms
  • Authentic tire casing temperature excluding brake heat.

Get your intelligent tires straight from the factory. You can also get the sensors fitted into your already dismounted tires. Due to the intrinsic advantages of mounting position, the digital tire-mounting solutions of Continental depend on tire-mounted sensors. 

Valve-mounted sensors are not so expensive and also not so difficult to install. Sensors can be disfigured in fleets by repression. In some events tire failure can also be observed if the valve system falls apart.  

In the valve mounted systems, the tire temperature is measured by algorithms which can be inaccurate at times. whereas , tire temperature is one of the mandatory elements to maintain tire life. 

Wheel-mounted is also known as rim-mounted. Wheel holds the sensor via a metal clamp which can save it from curbing but cannot save it from damage at the time of mounting or dismounting. 

Additionally when the wheel turns, the metal band in between the rim and the sensor absorbs heat which inflicts contraction and expansion of the clamp. This may loosen the clamp in a shorter time causing the sensor to revolve around the rim.  

The vehicle’s brake system produces heat which might directly influence the sensor and affect the temperature measurement of the tire. 

Benefits of TPMS

Get some exceptional and optional advantages with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) from Continental your fleet, this includes reduction in downtime and saving money.

You can save costs up to $800 per annum on each vehicle by having completely inflated tires.  

Every third tire in the commercial fleet is underinflated where only a digital tire monitoring solution can help you. 

  • Revamp Tire Runout
  • Avoid Irregular Tire Wear
  • Save Fuel
  • Save Maintenance and Labor Costs
  • Tackle with Roadside Breakdowns
  • Ensure Safety

How to order Intelligent Tires

All of the tires offered in Canada and US by Continental can be ordered as intelligent tires. 

TPMS Solutions

There are numerous solutions offered by Continental for temperature monitoring and tire pressure. Combining the sensor forms with other best ways, you can have the best solutions for your fleet. 


  • Integrated battery-powered tire sensor with radio frequency transmitter
  • Sends data every 2 minutes
  • One tire sensor per running wheel
  • Mounted on inner liner of the tire
  • Hardware Warranty: 5 Years*
  • Pressure operating range: 0 to 174 psi
  • Recommended pressure: 26 psi to 174psi
  • Temperature operating range: -40°F to +248°F  


  • TPMS Benefits

    Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) from Continental deliver operational benefits to your fleet, such as reducing downtime and saving money.

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