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ContiConnect™ 2.0 - Smarten up your fleet

Get the most out of your tires

Under-inflated tires are a major reason for breakdowns and service calls. That costs time, money and nerves. That is why correct tire pressure and tire temperature is key for your fleet.

With ContiConnect™ 2.0 you can monitor the health of your tires and thereby increase safety, reduce tire wear, ensure increased uptime and avoid costly breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, and optimize fuel savings.


The next generation of digital tire monitoring

Moreover, new features of ContiConnect™ 2.0 will be available soon for commercial vehicles. Benefit from full transparency on the health of your tires including mileage and tread depth information, manage your assets efficiently and take predictive maintenance to the next level. This gives you the capability of staying up-to-date on your tire’s health and to plan services proactively.

ContiConnect™ Features


  • Experience a new dimension of digital tire monitoring which provides full transparency and enables predictive maintenance
  • Bring efficiency to the next level by precisely monitoring tire pressure and temperature with a mileage and tread depth prediction
  • Profit from tailor-made solutions that are most profitable for your business

Hear what our customers say

“Maintaining the right tire pressures saves us fuel, plus we make full use of the tire’s service life and achieve a high level of operational safety for our vehicles,” says Michael Doßwald, fleet manager of Spedition Zink.

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Technical Details

No matter how far, always be one step ahead 


Having everything under control makes life much easier – and your business smarter. With ContiConnect™ 2.0 you benefit from full transparency on the key factors of your fleet’s tires by monitoring their health. What’s really good: it’s in real time, which allows you to proactively plan services thanks to predictive analytics. Finally, a solution to increase your peace of mind.


The smart way to uptime your tires – and unwind your mind 

Running a business is full of ups and downs. With the ability to remotely monitor all relevant tire parameters such as pressure, temperature and now even mileage measurement and tread depth prediction, you can significantly lower the risk of tire-related breakdowns. This helps you to generate value by increasing your vehicle’s uptime – and your asset’s lifetime – easily. Improve your efficiency by reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Now, your business gets even more ups.



The perfect solution is tailor-made 

Hear what our customers say

“On-the-road punctures and therefore repairs by third parties have reduced significantly,” says Peter Eggers, managing director at Egger Spedition GmbH. “This has allowed us to further improve our delivery reliability, plus we have also saved fuel and can keep the tires on the vehicles for longer. So for me, this investment has been a win-win.”

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How we make the tires speak

We have the right solution in our portfolio to enable Digital Tire Monitoring for your

vehicle type, whether it is a bus, truck, specialty vehicle or stand-alone trailer.

The tire sensor is mounted onto the inner liner of a tire in order to collect data. The sensor can either be retro-fitted or factory-fitted onto a tire.

The ContiConnect® Yard Reader is installed at a frequent touchpoint in the fleet yard, such as a guard shack or fuel island. It scans all of the tire sensors within a 65-foot radius. Due to environmental conditions such as barriers, the radius may rise or decrease. The Yard Reader sends temperature and pressure data from the tires to a mobile-friendly web page.

The Yard Reader avoids the need for any electronics to be installed on your vehicles or trailers. Simply install Continental tire sensors in each tyre, and the Yard Reader will display vehicle data in the web site as soon as they are within range. The installation manual for the yard reader station can be found here.

The hand-held tool is needed for initialization of ContiConnect. This component is used to assign each tire sensor to the respective wheel position of the vehicle. It connects wirelessly to the tire sensors. Further, you can also use the hand-held tool to import tire data to the web portal without a yard reader station.

All of your tyre data is displayed on the ContiConnect web page. The mobile-friendly browser-based application can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In a single platform, you can access reports, analyse data, and follow your tire performance over time.

Don't worry about your tires. We take care of it

We at Continental are experts when it comes to tires. But not only that! We are constantly working together with you to shape the future in transport. Our digital solutions monitor the health of your tires – so that you can focus on more important things. Our solutions are just as individual as your business and our team will find the right match for you.

ContiConnect™ Live

Monitor the tire pressure of multiple vehicles live and regardeless of their location while they are on the road.

Your vehicles regularly return to dedicated checkpoints? 

ContiConnect™ Yard

Monitor the tire pressure of multiple vehicles that return regularly to dedicated check-points.

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