Visual Alignment Indicator

Visual Alignment Indicator™

VAI™ - the visual alignment indicator highlights misaligned wheels.

Vibrations in the steering wheel or free rolling steering wheels are clear indicators to the driver that the vehicle’s wheel alignment must be checked. However, small wheel misalignments often remain unnoticed. This results in unnecessary costs due to wear and tear of the tires, damage to the casing and increased fuel consumption. This can be avoided with VAI™ from Continental. 

The innovative VAI technology from Continental helps you to achieve the lowest overall driving costs. 

As easy as it is efficient: as the tire wears, the VAI indicators on the inside and outside shoulders of the tires change. Simply comparing the two indicators will show whether the wheels are correctly aligned or not. In the case of uneven wear the wheel alignment should be checked and adjusted if required. Misaligned wheels not only impact on the service life of the tires, but also increase fuel consumption. If the two indicators match, this shows the tires are wearing evenly and the wheels are correctly aligned. The new VAI technology is available for all 22.5" steer axle tires of Generation 3 Conti EcoPlus HS3 and Conti Hybrid HS3. 


Tire wear resulting from wheel misalignment

When wheels are correctly aligned tires wear evenly on both sides.

Front tires which point inwards wear more on the outside than the inside.

The inner shoulders wear more than the outer shoulders when front axle tires point outwards.

If the axles are not running parallel to one another the vehicle pulls to the side. As a result of counter-steering the tires wear more on one side.

The function of the VAI™

The advantages of the VAI™ for you:

Increased mileage

Optimized wheel alignment reduces tire wear. This can result in up to 10 % more mileage.

Maximizing the tire life cycle

One-sided tire wear can also damage the casing. The resale value of the casing can be maintained by correct wheel alignment.

Optimized fuel consumption

A vehicle with correct alignment can save up to 3 % in fuel - in extreme cases this can be even greater.

Easy-to-use early warning system

No tools or prior knowledge are required to read and interpret the indicators.