Fuel saving tips

Save Fuel

Fuel consumption and its relevance with tires

Multiple factors have an influence on fuel consumption. Consumption is affected by four major types of driving resistance.


Driving Resistances

  • Rolling Resistance :
    • tire inflation/axle load
    • tread pattern
    • rubber compound
  • Climbing & Acceleration Resistance:
    • geographical conditions 
    • driving style
  • Air Resistance :
    • contact surface for wind
    • Idle Resistance 
  • mechanical resistance
    • e.g. of the drive, when idling; can be ignored for predominant driving use)

Upto 60% of consumption is led by rolling resistance. The value might differ based on the usage of tires and their count. This could be a predominant point towards saving money on progressively expensive diesel. 

Rolling resistance and axle position

The proportion of rolling resistance per axle position vs load weight per axle position (steer, drive and trailer) determines the correspondence in between them. The best savings potential lies in the trailer tires of a tractor-trailer. 


What is rolling resistance?

While travelling under heavy load the tire strives a force on the road in a rolling motion, this force is called rolling resistance. (the deformated energy on the road and tires).


Ways to lower down fuel consumption. 

Multiple ways can be helpful in saving diesel. This includes, correct engine calibration, air conditioning, and most importantly the driving style.

How can you save fuel with the tires?

  • Look at what Continental engineers have been developing for years such as low-rolling-resistance-tires
  • Keep away from underinflation. (Low tire inflation is directly proportional to high rolling resistance). Do it with consistent fleet inspections offered by Continental to its customers. 
  • Do not slip out of axle-geometry parameters to keep the tires rolling without any slides. Speed can unreasonably accelerate rolling resistance.
  • Avoid driving too fast. Fuel consumption gets higher and rolling resistance increases at a faster speed because the frequency of tires rotation increases in the meanwhile.