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Passenger & Light Truck Tires

Passenger and Light Truck Tires

Continental is one of the leading manufacturers of passenger and light truck tires (PLT) in Europe and the world's fourth largest passenger tire manufacturer in the original equipment and replacement market. Founded in Hanover, Germany, in 1871, Continental is now one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. With more than 240,000 highly skilled employees in over 310 locations in 60 different countries and markets, we are significantly and sustainably driving automotive progress forwards. With our products and services, we contribute to safe, economical and ecologically efficient mobility.

The Passenger and Light Truck Tires Division consists of the Continental, Uniroyal, Semperit, Barum, General Tire, Viking, Gislaved, Mabor and Sportiva brands. Continental, our premium brand, enjoys a leading position in the original equipment and replacement business.

Being a brand with heritage, Continental has amassed vast knowledge and expertise, making it one of the world’s leading premium tire manufacturers and suppliers to the automobile industry. Our years of extensive research and testing have shown that tires are not only crucial for a vehicle’s overall performance, but they greatly influence braking power as well. That is why we never stop optimizing our product range, making sure our tires always offer excellent braking, maximum safety and best driving pleasure.

To achieve this, we put our tires to the test on our proving grounds around the globe, including the Contidrom, our in-house track near Hanover. Within the Contidrom, in the first fully automated tire-testing system, AIBA, tests can be conducted year-round on wet and dry road surfaces. While we are developing and testing our premium tires, we consider each and every safety and performance aspect. That is repeatedly confirmed in independent tests around the world, where we achieved the highest recommendation several times. Our tires also have to pass hundreds of vehicle manufacturers’ stringent tests to ensure they perform to the highest standards. Only then are Continental tires approved as original equipment. The result is that almost one in three vehicles in Europe leaves the production line with tires from Continental.