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Conti Urban HA3


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Whoever you transport through the city


  • Maximum safety
  • Increased durability
  • Comfortable ride

Driving short distances in the city means maximum stress for every kind of tire. Narrow streets, curbs, and stop-and-go traffic require premium tire quality and safety. The Conti Urban HA3 features enhanced robustness and is exclusively designed for urban challenges. With the new dedicated urban tread compound and optimized tread void ratio, combined with a 20 % increase in sidewall thickness, the Conti Urban HA3 delivers up to 20 % more mileage and 2 % less fuel consumption*: the Conti Urban HA3, delivering safety to society.

* In comparison to HSU 1 M+S.


Technical details

Maximum safety

  • Wider tread width ensuring excellent cornering stability under urban driving conditions
  • High density interlocking sipes for excellent wet grip
  • All weather capability (M+S) with top performance on dry and wet roads

Increased durability

  • Higher casing wire density and thickness for better curbing resistance
  • Increased sidewall thickness for improved protection

Product Range

Tire size LI / SI LI / SI
315/60 R 22.5 152/148 J 154/150 E C B 71
275/70 R 22.5 150/145 J 152/148 E D B 70
275/70 R 22.5 150/145 J 152/148 E C B 70