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The pro in fuel efficiency


Across the world, Continental Truck Tires move loads of ore, rocks and other materials weighing many tons, showing their mettle – coping with harsh terrain and demonstrating cost efficiency.

  • High operational safety, long-lasting service and outstanding resistance to damage through compounds with extreme resistance to cuts and tears
  • Enormous traction, even on harshest terrain, thanks to tread pattern structure and geometry
  • Most durable casing design for maximum service life in demanding off-road use, also involving heavy-duty vehicles
  • M + S marking

Technical details

Reinforced belt package

  • Ensure the stiffness of the overall structure and protects the casing effectively

Optimized tread design

  • Ensures reliable grip both on and off the road

Robust carcass

  • Provide optimal impact protection

On/Off road compound toughness

  • Increased resistance to cuts, chips and chunks

Optimized contour

  • Enables the maximum contact area

Product range

Tire size LI / SI LI / SI
365/85 R 20 164/000 J - - - -
395/85 R 20 168/000 J 166/000 K - - -
14.00 R 20 164/160 K 166/160 G - - -
445/65 R 22.5 169/000 K - D C 78
325/95 R 24 162/160 K - - - -

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